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Remote NLS Analyse & Therapy


Remote  NLS Analyse & Therapy


This accessory will allow you to increase the possibilities of a device based on the NLS principle such as the NLSA. It allows an analysis to be made from a control element such as nails, hair or body hair via the control's DNA to deduce its characteristics and the means of treating it. The research and analysis uses the software of your NLS box as if the person were physically present with the helmet on the head on all the targets and standards present in your software. To do this, simply plug in the module in place of the headset and place the control element to be analyzed in this module. Metatherapy or remedies can then be tested and sent remotely to the person (or the animal) via a scalar type antenna which employs the principles of radionics. Tests and corrections by veterinarians using this module on animals with excellent results further attest to its functionality.



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