Rules of confidentiality, security, protection and control of personal data




The RGPD (European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data), adopted on April 14, 2016, must be implemented on May 25, 2018, by all entities operating in the European Union (EU), whether or not the organization is registered in the EU.


In accordance with this regulation we have taken the following measures:
We have mapped our treatments and data, revised our security and confidentiality processes and rules, updated our sites and data, to make a file available to the competent authorities. so that they can verify our compliance with the GDPR


We have implemented all the necessary elements to guarantee the confidentiality, the right to consultation, the modification, the cancellation.


Access to personal data, from an Internet connection, is only possible through the identification and a password known by the customer.


It is the responsibility of the user to secure this information and not to entrust it to third parties.


In any case we do not transmit, sell your information to a third party company, except information essential to the delivery of your purchases.
Or under express request of law.


We do not have ANY knowledge of bank account numbers, credit card, PayPal, etc. The data concerning the banking transactions do not transit on our site. In case of bank identity theft and acceptance of payment by payment systems we can not be held responsible for information that we do not know and do not hold.



  • All sensitive communications go through a SSL authentication certificate in https connection from the registration request or identification on the website.
  • Our servers: Our servers are hosted by a host who respects the European privacy laws, and therefore the RGPD, and who can not access our data. On the other hand, the data contained is encrypted and accessible only by us and according to a strict process where only people who need to access to serve you are allowed to access it.
  • Data retention: In case of termination of a registration by a user, and after termination of registration, the period of retention of data are subject to laws, including tax and we can not derogate. After expiry of this period, personal data, billing, are destroyed.



Cookies have no other vocation than the navigation mechanism specific to the principles of the Web and browsers, as well as to save the password (for a maximum duration of 120 days) if the user requests it during the login.

The information recorded on the site for statistical purposes is used only internally and has a lifespan of 1 week to 1 year maximum depending on the information collected. The user's IP address is also registered during his session for security reason.


Site Registration Rule as a Registrant or Customer


Any registration on the site must be voluntary. The inscription on the site is done according to 2 levels

  • Registration, which gives full access to the site allowing among others the download of demo version of software and initiate orders. All the data requested (including personal address and delivery address) are intended to generate an order even if the user does not order right away. Since the telephone number is required by carriers, the latter will therefore be mandatory.
  • Customer, no one having placed a product order. The registrant automatically switches to a customer from his first order. Payment information does not pass through our site during the purchase. We have no record of your bank details.

The registration and in particular the purchase is accompanied automatically by sending tracking Email. The termination of our internal mail correspondence is done by clicking on a link yjhay is in each of the emails. This unsubscription is immediate. To receive this email again, the user must make the request via the contact form.

When placing an order, the customer must read and accept the GTCS which includes the privacy rules.

Right to consultation and modification of personal data with right of cancellation: At any time, through access to his account, any registrant or customer may consult his personal information and modify it.

However, we draw your attention that if the person has the customer status, therefore to place an order, we can only terminate his registration without erasing his data for a variable period from the date of the last order and this for reasons of tax law, product guarantee, statistical and internal management. However, his email address will be removed from any communication system.