Research at the Service of Health

What is E.A.V


Dr. VOLL discovered in the fifties that the values of conductance, i.e. the capacity to let the current pass at the level of the acupuncture points, vary according to the state of the body, depending whether it is or not reached by a disease. For Dr. VOLL, these electromagnetic signals reflect the cellular metabolism; this “cellular energy” altering according to the health of the cells. With an ohmmeter, Dr. VOLL managed to establish cartography of the points of conductance which also includes the points of acupuncture. For latter years, Dr. VOLL and his colleagues systematically noted the correspondences between the measured points and the pathology of their patients, thus specifying the parts of the organs corresponding to each point of his cartography. He obtained twice in six years (1979 and 1984) the highest distinction for services rendered to humanity for his work related to electro-acupuncture.

In traditional acupuncture, there are 12 bilateral meridian lines and 2 median meridian lines. In the E.A.V. the concept of meridian line becomes a larger notion of “vessels” corresponding to the various organs and viscera, it also functions as:

  • the lymphatic system (circulation and ganglia),
  • the nervous system including neurovegetative (nervous degeneration),
  • osteo-articular phenomena (articular degeneration),
  • the fibro-conjunctive tissue,
  • organic degeneration,
  • skin,
  • metabolism of the lipids (of fatty tissue degeneration).

The goal of the E.A.V. is to establish an early functional diagnosis of the organs and tissues by the energetic study of the human body then to carry out a treatment starting from the method of the “test of the drugs”, by using a homeopathic instigated product, in particular of the nosodes. The test of Bach’s flowers or essential oils is also possible; these two processes allows to bring back the abnormal conductance of a point to an average value, considered as normal. This technique is used by 15% of the German doctors who collaborate with the dental surgeons because the technique includes also the dental nidus which can act remotely on the organs.

The energetic balance that one can draw up by the measure of points, permits to diagnose the problem of the patients but also to detect diseases at an early stage. The test of the drugs allows more targeted prescription.

The control of the “pathological” points, after correction (homeopathy, acupuncture, electro-stimulation, osteopathy, allopathy…), allows to see whether the treatment was efficient. On the reliability level of VOLL’s meridian lines in daily practice, the points in connection with the lymphoid structures seem real to us, because the measurements taken daily on the patients show a good agreement with their pathology; in the same way, for allergic, neurological, degenerative or osseous pathologies. It is impossible, here, to list the localization of all the traditional points of acupuncture and those added by Dr. VOLL (refer to the “Atlases” of VOLL or the “Bases of the organometry according to VOLL” by Leonard). However we will give the main and the most significant of it to obtain a complete energetic balance. The most informed will be able to find reference works treating with the E.A.V.