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Homeopathie software:


This software functions under Windows (Vista or Seven) and requires 400 Mo of free disk space for the installation. The languages available for the installation are: French and English. It can be used with an equipment of the Organotest “MF” model, or in autonomous for a search of homeopathic drugs answering to one or more symptoms that a patient presents. For that, a KENT’s dictionary was built-in. A search is done via headings and subheadings. It can also be done via a seizure or while choosing in a lexicon, one or more words or parts of words being able to define a symptom. The use of the lexicon which contains the words present in the texts allows an exact syntax at the time of search.

The whole of information can be redefined: headings composing the symptoms, the list of the drugs answering a heading, as well as the name of the drugs. The lexicon is automatically updated. The KENT’s repertory can thus be personalized with your suitability. The drugs are grouped by family. The groups used in the software use the KOLLISTCH’s classification; but they can also be personalized. The list of the drugs can be sorted and printed.

The electromagnetic signal emitted by the drugs and collected by the “MF2”, can be recorded in a data base corresponding to the drug and a dilution. The base available at the installation of the software roughly represents 2500 drugs with their dilutions. This existing base can be enriched with the “MF2” and of the tools of import/export allow the colleagues to communicate the fruit of their work.

The software integrates the boards of acupuncture and the points used in “EAV” for a help in the tests which you can make on the patient with “Organotest MF” model.

The drugs retained by the user can be tested on the patient using the “MF1” or of the “MF2” connected to the computer. The test is done in series until obtaining of a “normalization” of the display on the device.

The use of the software is easy. The orders are intuitive with an aid on each one of them. The surf in the headings permits the best use of the mouse. The lists and tables can be sorted or filtered and incorporates tools for search of information. Bonds makes it possible to pass from information to another if a relation exists between them.

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