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Low Level Laser Therapy 650nm - 810nm LF1


Low Level Laser Laser froid


The LF1 is a class 3R autonomous portable laser that features 12 circular 650nm lasers and an 808nm laser at its center for deep and complementary action. It therefore brings together the best of these two fundamental frequencies of rays used for this type of therapy. For more information about this mode of therapy, please refer to the section Introduction of this section regarding therapeutic applications that use the laser. The device operates in stand-alone mode with a rechargeable battery.


Application areas:

  1. People and animais pain relief, Knee arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Athletic system injuries, Soft tissue injuries,Relieve muscle and joint pain
  2. Diminish inflammations, Reduce swelling,Wounds & Ulcers, Osteoarthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, Acupuncture, Rehabilitation therapy.
Low Level Laser Low Level Laser


Therapeutic theory:

Handhold type pain relief laser equipment is a low level laser therapy (LLLT) device, also known as a soft laser. LLLT is a light source treatment that generates a coherent light of a single wavelength. lt emits no heat, sounds or vibration. The laser's energy is used to penetrate the skin and stimulate the body's natural healing processes, by this way, every cell in the treatment area received the energy activate deep tissue repair , Laser irradiation can diminish inflammation to edema fluid, accelerate the activity of lymphocytes and the body's self-healing system, accelerate the secretion of analgesic substances, reduce the sensitivity of the peripheral nerve, thus for pain treatment.

Low Level Laser

Low Level Laser


The association with the distal acupuncture points extend the possibilities of therapies applications with this technology. The user manual (available for download after purchase) shows examples of these applications that do not require a particular knowledge to use them.

The average time of a session is 30 minutes that can be repeated up to 3 times in the day without having any side effect.


Technical characteristics:

Laser wavelength : 650nm ± 20nm & 810nm ± 20nm
A single laser output maximum powerr : de 5mW ± 20% à 150 mW ± 20%
Terminal laser output mode : Continuous
Terminal laser output instabilityr : ≤ ± 10%
Timing range : 10 to 30 minutes
Display mode : Liquid crystal display
Power source : Lithium ion battery with capacity 1800m Ah
Battery voltage : DC 5V
Input power : ≤ 10 VA
Working environment : Temperature 5°C – 40°C, Relative humidity < 80%


Low Level Laser



After purchase, you will find the user manual in the Support / Download section of the website.


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