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Our water does not give us the things we need. An American who built fuel economizers for the car with the principle of HHO discovered that the water charged with hydrogen gas has quality that can be considered miraculous. The skin tissues of a person, found their flexibility of youth and people suffering from diseases such as osteoarthritis or other debilitating diseases, quickly come back to a normal state, simply drinking water hydrogenated. At the same time, in Japan, a university professor came to the same conclusions by analyzing spring water with miraculous virtues that was very loaded with molecular hydrogen. The hyper-hydrogenation of water makes it possible to re-establish parameters compatible with those defined by Vincent's bioelectronics.

Companies that have embarked on this field have encountered a difficulty whereby the water enriched by hydrogen and oxygen produced by electrolysis, creates chlorinated water, O3 and heavy metals by the wear of the electrodes. We thus obtain a water that has certainly qualities but also defaults. To reduce the default part, the manufacturers found the parade to insert an activated carbon filter. Other unscrupulous sell even this type of devices without filters. The problem with the filter is that we do not completely remove the negative aspects and minimize the positive aspects. Fortunately an ingenious company finally find the true technological solution which consists of actually separating oxygen and hydrogen to retain only the hydrogen part through a membrane between the electrodes. This has the effect of not using the electrodes (no heavy metals), of not generating O3 or chlorine and of avoiding carbon filters which minimizes the hydrogen production and reduces the reduction effect of redox (ORP). This also avoids the filter change and thus ensures operation without real maintenance.

Very quickly we can see that our skin regains its texture and that our pain disappear. This water can therefore truly be described as miraculous. The advantages of this water are (non-exhaustive list):

  • Improves body hydration
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Contributes to lower saturated fat levels
  • Reduces aging by providing healthy skin
  • Improves memory for the elderly
  • Reduces constipation problems
  • Reduces the symptoms of diabetes
  • Reduces the phenomena of osteoarthritis and rheumatism
  • Improves kidney failure
  • Helps restore the acid-base balance in the body
  • Reduces the risk of cancer and serious illness
  • Helps to restore balance and recover health
  • Contributes to the detoxification of the body
  • Helps digestion by increasing the degree of absorption of colon
  • Aids in the transport of oxygen by blood
  • Helps to regenerate tissues
  • Reduces heart risks
  • Reduces allergic phenomena
  • Increases immune defenses
  • Reduces oxidation-reduction potential
  • Do not generate harmful elements (O3, chlorine, oxide and heavy metals)
  • High efficiency for autonomous use on battery which ensures a perfect continuous voltage.

This state-of-the-art technology allows measured results that are:

  • H2: 800 to 1600 ppmv (without oxygen add)
  • Redox potential (ORP): -350 to -600 mV
  • Zero O3 and chlorine oxides released
  • Power consumption: < 10W

I invite you to view videos on bioelectronics Vincent by Jacques Collin (or other people) in Youtube to understand the issues in these parameters for our health.

This unit can also operate autonomously because it has a battery. It comes with a container of 370 ml but it is ingeniously fitted with an adapter for plastic bottles of commerce, enabling it to prepare up to 2 liters of water in one go. The time to get enough water load is about 7 minutes per liter. The battery provides over 20 cycles for an autonomous support either 20 liters of water to drink. The polarizing plates used are made of titanium, which guarantees several ten years of trouble free operation. The guarantee period is 1 year and is CE, which guarantees a serious in its construction.


Another and not least of all uses, especially currently, consists in using the supplied accessory, intended to directly inhale molecular hydrogen. This accessory brings, according to serious studies made on this subject, anti-infectious improvements of the respiratory tract. Whether the cause is related to asthma, pollution or even a viral attack that can cause respiratory failure, this accessory can help you without replacing hospital equipment in the event of a serious crisis. Breath control is also strongly indicated. Take a deep breath with 5 seconds retention then empty your lungs and force yourself to cough every 5 breaths. Lying down on your stomach is also indicated to avoid overpowering the lungs.


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