Research at the Service of Health

Method used in EAV (Voll's electro-acupuncture) and bioresonance with organometers




The practice of the EAV, is based on a cartography of points which makes it possible to measure with a precise localization, the disturbing nidus. 20 boards make it possible to check the organs, but also the organic systems. The “ohmmeter” part of the device, allows to precisely locate the disturbing nidus, source of various disorders in the body. The measurement points and control located on the hands and the feet, allows in twenty points, to establish a complete check up. If one of these points is disturbed, a more precise research on the indicated system will have to be carried out. If you test outside its localization, the indication is unimportant and false. The drop of measure being more significant than the value itself, a sound control avoids looking permanently at the display. If there is a pathology in connection with the measured point, the emitted sound frequency falls quickly, because the point “closes itself” with the request. You can then deduce the localization of the disturbing nidus.


Products test

The resonance between the patient and the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a homeopathic drug adapted or all other products, introduced into the receiving well of the device allows to restore the fall, in a continuous value (i.e. a loud continuous signal). With the homeopathy software and the device connected to the computer (“PC” type), you can test the selected products by using the existing data of the base. For each one of them, you will be able to check which products restored the fall. You will be able to test also a list of product in series to see the biological reactivity with the device in “PSY” position and of the sensors placed on the fingers. The electromagnetic radiation of the products can be collected and registered to enrich the database of the software. In addition, by direct recopy or the signals stored in the database of the software, you can magnetize a neutral liquid solution which produces the same effects as the initial product tested (product mainly homeopathic).