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A quantum vision to the technology service


Quantum Medicine is one of the applications of quantum physics which recognizes the wave-particle duality since 1923 (De Broglie), that a particle of matter is both particle and wave, but it is neither one, or only the other; it’s only by the observation, that it can appear as either facet . The study of living substance is made in a purely wave vision to deduce the material aspect and the investigation is carried out based on dynamic information processes. This is a quantum analysis of bio-frequencies of the human body with correction of functional disturbances by wave information system (bio-resonance). This technology was developed for health monitoring of space missions and give rise to these kind of devices. This is a decoder / analyzer human bio-frequencies based on a model of "non-linear system" (NLS). Devices have been developed which perform a spectral analysis of electromagnetic signals from the brain related to the degree of entropy for each tissue of the living human body.


The practitioner must interpret the elements observed on the time scale: Past (cellular memory), present (cellular metabolism) and future (organic predisposition). The correction can be done via meta- therapy to rebalance the body that can cause of events (etiology). Knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine is a plus to search the source of problems. This correction is made by issuing a frequency of rebalancing in the brain or in a substance.


Whatever may be its level of organization, the living world has the self- construction, self-regulation and self-healing ability. This is the concept of autopoiesis. The advantage of these devices is to be able to communicate with all psycho- physiological components of the individual as to grasp the level of operation for correcting autopoiesis factors. In addition, it allows testing of substances introduced into the resonance chamber and analyze the signature of different products or pathologies by objectifying the degree of consistency of the tissue systems or organs of the patient. They also allow us to observe the energy and functional causes that determine the alteration of tissue balance or organ that causes a mechanism pathology manifested.


According to Fritz -Albert Popp, all living cells of our bodies emit photons. Each element, each cell has its own frequency which can be captured by resonance in the cortical layers of the brain. This device captures and analyzes each wave emitted by the body and transmitted to the brain and it assesses the functional level of each component.





To understand all of the principles used in quantum medicine, please read the introduction.

All physiological regulatory processes result in the exchange of information between the brain and the body. The device sends a weak electromagnetic signal which reacted cortex which emits a "noise reaction" on specific frequencies related to the nature of affected tissues. The device captures and analyzes the signal to deduce the entropy with the original signal. We can then compare these curves with a catalog of reference curves as :

  • Pathological systems
  • Allergens
  • Microorganisms and helminths
  • etc...

and understand the problems of dysregulation within an organ or a tissue :

  • Activity adaptation of the organ.
  • Comparison and spectral similarity with pathological grounds, allergic or bacterial
  • Trend of fields: stability or deterioration
  • Virtualization of pathological fields
  • Entropy analysis of tissues
  • Search bacterial fields
  • Specific analyzes (allergen, neurotransmitter, nosodes, sensitivity geo pathogen, vitamin ...)




The software

The software has a good French translation and allows you to automatically descend to the level of structures and ultrastructure depending on the degree of tissue energy dysfunction detected during acquisition. This possibility, as well as the increased speed of the camera, makes it possible to establish complete assessments between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the targets which will be analyzed automatically during the acquisition. Manual mode allows you to select particular targets but also to add precision to scanned targets by searching for a specific area or adding measurement points. The acupuncture and iridology mode makes it possible to make a rapid energy assessment on 8 targets. The search for pathomorphological terrain correspondence makes it possible to determine the precise zone which is disharmonic. The list of standards is impressive (78 in number) and allows signature recognition (healthy tissue, pathomorphology, allergen, bacterial soil, plant, stone, emotional, remedies, food and various products). An analysis of biochemical homeostasis makes it possible to establish a vision of the balance of constituents in body fluids to be measured via NLS analysis. Note that this analysis only concerns organs such as the circulatory system (heart, arteries, veins, etc.) but not other targets whose recorded electromagnetic fingerprints have been emptied of their blood. This measurement in no way constitutes a biological analysis comparable to a laboratory analysis because it aims to verify its probable homeostatic distribution in the different parts of the body. All these elements of measurements and comparisons do not constitute a health check-up which is a concept reserved for doctors but a likely energy vision of the field which can avoid the appearance of diseases or explain and even treat energy imbalances which annoy a person.

The device is delivered with a USB Dongle (Hasp key) which allows you to start the software on a computer which will have to be devoted essentially to the use of this software (currently in version 3.2). It is delivered as standard on a USB key attached to the device or can be downloaded from this website after payment of the order. It is advisable to limit commercial software on the computer as much as possible, which could interfere with the proper functioning of the device. Likewise, it is strongly advised to uninstall your antivirus and the Windows updates because their untimely starting risks at best a slowdown of the computer during the acquisition of the measurements and at worst, generating measurement errors or even d '' prevent software from starting. In the case of antivirus removal, use your email on another computer, avoid putting sensitive data on it or use your means of payment to buy on the Internet, to go to unknown websites or to install unknown software. The use of your personal computer will therefore certainly lead to limitations which will require you to have a second computer to avoid problems. If you still choose this solution, the attached installation procedure includes several steps which may require professional help. The recommended computer must be equipped with an Intel I5 minimum with an electronic hard drive type SSD and under Windows 64Bits. This solution only works with the Hasp key. If you do not have it (in the case of former customers), you will have to order it on this site ("Accessories" section).

Rather than buying a commercial computer, we strongly recommend that you take our solution based on an I7 laptop which integrates a set of optimizations and also allows automatic updates (see in the accessory part of the shop). The optimization of our dedicated computer will in any case be more optimized than the solution based on a commercial computer.




The NLSA against its competitors

We can notice that the different competing devices (scanner using the NLS principle) all use very similar software because they all come from the same source. The principle of these devices is relatively simple and uses all the same basic components. Each manufacturer brings his little extra. The NLSA has a lot more:

  • The noise generating diode (common to all these devices) is not linear if it is drive by voltage as is the case with commercial devices. On the other hand, it has a linear part if it is drive in current while running on this part; which makes it possible to limit the distortion and the lack of precision. This modulable current source is stabilized and self-calibrated each time the software starts.
  • The electromagnetic detection of the helmet via the coil is correlated with a measurement of additional electrical signals made by a handle also containing an oscillator. This additional measurement makes it possible to further refine the analysis for even more consistent results.
  • The analog part of the input amplifiers uses high precision components (laser-tuned operational amplifier)
  • The micro-processor of the device is four cores and not a nano processor.
  • Competitive devices send the digitized signal via a serial interface circuit to a USB port. This signal is the subject of a Fourier series transformation via the software. In the case of the NLSA, the interface circuit is identical (for compatibility with the software) but the transformation in Fourier series (and its inverse function) is done directly by the processor of the device. The amount of information that passes through the interface is thus divided by 50 and the computer is less busy. From where an increased speed of the acquisition and thus a saving of time in final.
  • While some offer lists of optional extra standard fee, our software is equipped with basic lists of all known standards (78 categories). Similarly, the update of the software is free insofar as the version of the device accepts the version of the current software.
  • The price is 4 to 8 times lower than its competitors. The price does not depend on the price of components that are currently very affordable. The development cost is amortized with the quantity sold. The development is done in part by our service. The sales strategy also determines a cost associated with the intermediaries in the sale of a product. We opted for the most direct distribution to sell a quantity that will offset the initial cost of development. Our company stands out from the competition that builds its prices essentially compared to those of their competitors.

The product is design in partnership with a company based in Russia. The electronics are made in Taiwan and the packaging and accessories are made in China. This is not to say that the product should be considered in the same way as purely Chinese products or copies even if our company is located in Asia. The product is in no way comparable with Chinese products.

Optionally, you will find in the accessory part, a module that allows you to analyze from a DNA strand of a patient (hair, nails or other), without having the person (or animal) present for the analysis. With the integrated scalar antenna, you can do remote therapy. This module allows veterinarians to detect and treat remotely.




Completed tests (09-2019)

The tests were carried out on 4 people whose pathologies are known: carcinoma of the prostate, type 2 diabetes, influenza and white angina, with commercial devices (2 current competing brands) that claim to enormous reliability, on 50 tests successive tests to test reproducibility (by making a different form between each test). In the case of NLSA, the test was performed with the dedicated computer and version 3 of the software. The NLSA is the best with about 75% reliability and reproducibility. Of course, this figure is only an idea because not all stallions have the same reliability and the dependence of the pathology with the brain also determines the final result as well as the conditions for taking measured. It can also be seen in practice that certain pathologies are not detected or detected incorrectly regardless of the device, which would lower the average value of detection for all pathologies combined. So we are far from the figures criticized by some concerning these types of devices. To give an idea about the misconceptions that can be made, a hospital MRI scanner is given for little more than 80% reliability by its manufacturers. As for the biological laboratory the results are as far from 100% as one can imagine. Depending on the measured elements, the sampling conditions and the protocols used, the reliability rate can be as low as 50%. Measuring energetic elements on weak signals proves to be a tour de force whose NLSA pretends to be ahead of its competitors despite the very approximate figure of 75%, which seems low compared to the high bids that the competition prides itself on.





The Oberon System from which the NLSA is derived has been patented in the RF, Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy, United Kingdom and China. The shielded case is CE electromagnetic certified.

  • Patent No200161075 of 16022001. Date: 16.02.2001
  • USA patent N 6.549.805. B1. Date: 15.04.2003





In accordance with the mandatory requirements from 2020 on the use of these types of devices, the following warning is displayed in the presentation section of the main menu of the software:

"The device with its software is designed for nonlinear computer analysis and modeling the entropic state of different biological structures.This device is not a medical device. It is not intended to perform a medical check-up, or to make a medical or paramedical diagnosis, even if the terms used, common to classical or conventional medicine and the energetic arts, are ambivalent. In case of health problem, it is imperative to consult a doctor in to make a diagnosis and perform the appropriate medical tests. It is understood that the device does not allow a diagnosis, but offers a dynamic analysis at an energy and information level."



With this device, it is not a question of drawing up a health check-up but of establishing an energy state in a notion of terrain. A difference between a proven pathology and the elements brought by the device may exist. The energy disharmonies noted are compared to frequency reference systems (standards) by the device. These standards are based on frequency cell readings and thus give us an approach to the corresponding dysharmonic frequency field. The comparison with these reference curves makes it possible to determine whether the energy state of the person being measured can lead to a form which can be expressed by the designated terrain. This analysis can thus have a preventive role in its correction if no symptom is established or a cleaning role if an old disease has left its marks on the tissues thus causing an energy disturbance which can lead to various forms of disease (notion of energy barrier can also be consecutive to vaccines). In the case of a known disease of the test person who did not detect by the device, the question may arise in terms of the unconscious dependence of the disease on the reptilian brain (theory of biological decoding by Dr. Hamer). This can thus guide our research to explain a manifested disease and seek help for its problem. Similarly, the device extends based on energetics, an explanation of a symptom is not always manifested on the organ designated as the source of the problem but on an organ in connection (noon-midnight ...). Knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, decoding and physiology allows you to get the most out of the device and understand its results.




Technical characteristics

  • Magnetic power of the GR unit: 21 ± 0.5 MTL.
  • Magnetic Inductor Circuit Modulation Type: Modulation Pulse (PDM) with Interrupt Frequency.
  • Frequency range of the magneto-inductive circuit: 1.8 to 8.2 Hz. No flow interruption: 0.02 Hz.
  • Ratio of pulses: from 0.1 to 99% with a step of 1%.
  • Modulation frequency: low frequency modulation: 240Hz. High-frequency modulation: 4.9 GHz.
  • Noise generator: 2G401B diode used as noise source, powered by a regulated current automatically.
  • The information signal is picked up from the sensing element and is amplified. The gain factor of the amplifier is about 85 dB.
  • The frequency band for processing information peaks in noise is in the 4 to 1800 kHz band.
  • The shift frequency of the shift register is 0.8 ± 0.01 MHz.



Some screenshots of the software












Basic training (around 4 hours) is provided free of charge by phone or Skype and remote control. More advanced training can pay a specialty concerned are provided by external organizations for rival equipment whose software is similar in its use. Compared to some older models, assistance software allows quick handling of the device thanks to its automation without being a specialist in quantum provided.

On Youtube you will find presentations of competing products to help you identify opportunities that also has this device. For a live demonstration via Skype, please contact us directly .





You will find in the part shop / accessories complementary elements to this product to allow you to practice a remote diagnosis and care, headphone protectors for the hygienic aspect, and a headphone studied for the pets.




Usage tips:


  • The current use of the dedicated computer avoids many problems related to its design, its environment (grounding and other) as well as interactions with other softwares, anti-virus, Windows updates that can impact the quality and speed of acquisition. For customers still having the software solution on their personal computer, we can only strongly advise you to upgrade to our dedicated computer solution. The evolution of the software will now only pass through this dedicated computer.
  • The user manual is on the dedicated computer but also for those who ordered, on the website in the download section.
  • The software update is not automatic. Please check and update from the utility that is on the dedicated computer.
  • Remember to regularly save your files on an external USB key. If you come from a configuration using your commercial computer, first of all, save your files to be able to reintegrate them on the dedicated computer. The backup / restore icon is in the main menu of your application. The drop-down list: From program / To program allows to choose the direction of the Backup / Restore. All you need to do is select the relevant records.
  • Avoid taking a measurement on someone who has just been physically active, who is out of breath or stressed. Check that he does not have his phone on him (it will be necessary to move him away) and remove his watch if it is electronic. For a person with a pacemaker or a pregnant woman, this is not dangerous, but the measures will be distorted most of the time. Please use the device far away from polluting electromagnetic sources (mobile phone nearby, near telephone transmission re-emission, high voltage line, ...)



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