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Operating principle of the sensor and recopy of products


At the attention of scientists and manufacturers of this type of device

  • Until now, nobody has really tried to really understand phenomena that are reproducible only if they are known and correctly formatted. No current device can record properly a signal. The simple metal part as sensor, records far more the 50Hz modulation than the modulation of the remedy. With this record signal, it’s non-reproducible (see Jacques Benveniste experiments on this subject), hence the controversies of the official science. It should be understood that the products do not emit any signal, but they alter the electromagnetic field (ie background noise). This is especially true for homeopathic remedies. This approach makes all the difference, and resolves the controversy with the scientific community. The principle of the sensor used is the following: we inject a high frequency with high amplitude at the bottom of the well to become main for the residual extraneous noise. We capture the signal modified by the product thanks to the sensor device to overcome shielded from external noise and channel the emitted frequency. A difference is made between the high frequency and the signals received to deduce the modulation of the signal produced. The signal obtained is then clean and can be properly recorded after amplification and digitization in a computer database. This signal is in audio because it behaves like a holographic system. Even if this band is narrowed, it has the same properties, which is correlated with Benveniste's experiments.

Operating principle

  • The well of recopy signal consists of an important rolling to obtain a strong ohmic value, traversed by a a sinusoidal carrier frequency modulated by the low frequency signal previously stored. The choice of carrier frequency has undergone a lot of experimentation before it gets the optimal value. The magnetic field created actually saves information in a durable neutral solution (but not pure water because it is too protean). Different tests have shown that the use of a solution of alcohol type + sugar + root vegetable (eg Suze) gives a good result. Other liquids may also be used, but they must be tested. In the case of Suze, 3 years later, the solution is always active even if it was placed in an area with a high electro magnetic noise. Making a copy of a homeopathic remedy in some seconds simple by touch a metal part, this is all just pure madness .It needs 12 minutes minimum to obtain an impregnation solution that can retest as the same criteria than the original remedy and that, whatever the power of electromagnetic fields. For safety, we use 15 minutes for impregnation. The resulting solution must be the subject of a dynamization by tapping the container (glass or plastic but not metal) vigorously 15 to 30 seconds on a soft surface (eg book) so that it becomes active. This phenomenon can be observed with the device. As of the moment, no theory can really explain it.
Principe de fonctionnement


To avoid being called a charlatan, manufacturers should be able to demonstrate by clear and concrete phenomena, repetitive and observable as is the case of this product even if it is perfectible, rather than to be base only on the results of therapies that do not exceed the number of the placebo effect...

Our company is not fortunate enough to face these detractors, especially when the lobbying of the laboratories is behind. The same one which fights ardently against homeopathy, the EAV and others as well as the electronics devices which use these principles. But our company has at least concrete arguments to answer to those who condemn the product without even trying to know it. Especially since this product helps to highlight the reality of action of homeopathy. It is true that the growth of electronic devices with high added claims is at rise but there is no reality behind it, the criticism of official bodies is easy...