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The MF2 is out of stock. A study of a new, more efficient model is underway. The MF1 with software can replace to some extent the MF2 model.





The device is composed of:


Ohmmeter part (also known under the name organometer)

This part is intended to homeopaths but also to those working with non-conventional medicines. Based on the principle only proposed on high-end and even still improved, it measures the quantity but also the quality of energy. Indeed, the fall of the measure makes it possible to test the body or the disturbed physiological system by using the concepts introduced by the EAV. It allows to highlight the dam vaccination, testing homeopathic remedies, Bach flower and others to determine whether they are in harmony with the energy needs of the person. It also shows that our therapeutic action (Kinesiology, Reflexology, Osteopathy, Acupuncture Traditional) has been effective. Using the tables of measurement points, we can draw an energy balance in EAV, manually or in connection with a computer. Lastly, the choice of remedies will be guided and can be tested with a database.


Traditionally, it is considered that

  • The body's response equilibrium measure 50 in the case of a healthy organ,
  • A value between 50 and 80 corresponds to a value of irritation,
  • A value between 80 and 100 corresponds to a value of inflammation,
  • A value between 20 and 50 corresponds to a value of degeneracy,
  • A value between 10 and 20 corresponds to a final phase of degeneration.

In practice, we quickly realized that these values depend on the skin type (dry or wet), age and type of patient. The fall of the measure meanwhile, remains significant in all cases of dysfunction of the organ or system designated by the point tested. In case of difficulty in measuring, we can adjust the sensitivity setting for optimal read. This type of adjustment does not measure like the other ohmmeters as absolute but in relative because it does not alter the significance of the fall of the measure which will be even better appreciated. If the probe is not properly applied to the test point, the indication of reading may not be significant. Knowledge points in their location and meaning is important to take an effective measurement in EAV. The device may also be used to measure or test of remedies using points "ting" (fingertips) in classical homeopathy or energy balance in traditional Chinese medicine. We then use the notion of the relative measured points more than the notion of falling measure. The homeopathic remedy test will be placed in the receiver's well of the unit or in a patient's hand in the case of "MF1". The connection with the database software also allows the homeopathy remedy test like a physical product. It will be considered effective when the measure stop to fall. Usually, the measurement value will be different and closer to normal.


Voltmeter part

This section is primarily intended for dentists to test potentials in the mouth and the harmful effects of various metals and composites used until now by dentists and can be a source of problems (especially with age). Problems especially in granulomas are looked by using the ohmmeter part light of EAV, through checkpoints and the work of decoding performed on dental resonances.

The display shows the potential from 0 to 400 mV. A voltage greater than 80 mV should be considered as a tooth that can cause problems to the body. Potential measurement is not enough; we must check the current generated by the tooth to assert the validity of a dental procedure (see below).


Ammeter part

This section provides a complementary measure to the previous one and shows probable problems of the tooth. Control is performed over a period of 100 µs not to discharge the tooth and resets each new significant measure. The scale displayed corresponds to µA (0 to 200 µA). A current greater than 40 µA is considered harmful.


Biofeedback part

This section is specifically for therapists using the new medicine which is the interaction of emotions on pathologies (decoding "HAMER") or psychotherapists, kinesiotherapist, and others ... as well as acupuncturists. This function displays the emotional charges retained by the body in his unconscious, which can react to key words that the therapist speaks. It is therefore of great interest because it allows therapists to help the subject to locate the hidden nature of the reactive mind and areas that needs to be addressed. The energy and force contained in the images shocking or painful experiences can have a painful effect on a person. The therapist will then issue a series of keywords, some of which, touching the patient's unconscious; react directly on the device that will display. The measurement sensitivity can be adjusted. Awarenesses parts can be unloaded and reactivated; the device will then indicate that the transformation is performed.

In acupuncture, it can position the sensor on the middle or ring finger (or point-ting blocked meridian) and manually search liberator point simply by the therapist finger with or without pressure. The point found if effective, will vary the measurement significantly.

With homeopathy software, the sensor is placed on the annular finger and can be identified in a selected list of products of the database, sent serially to the device, the biological reactivity products.


Copying products part

This part is to replicate homeopathic medicines.

Standalone: The reference solution will be placed in the receiving well. The liquid to soak will be in a small container and placed in the other wells. It takes 15 minutes to copy the information. Revitalization is done by tapping the container hard and fast, 20 to 30 times at least. The remedy thus obtained can be checked again on the subject as responding in the same way as reference solution.

In connection with the computer: Information comes from the products database software for copying homeopathy in the solution in the transmitter wells. Similarly, the electromagnetic signal of the product placed in the receiver wells can be copied into the database software.



If desired, a control sound whose frequency is proportional to the mesure avoids constantly watch the display.

The device operate with 4 x "AA" type of battery, to remain independent, but are supplied with a power supply for fix use.



Product testing: see methodology E.A.V.


see also: Operating principle of sensor and copy product


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