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3D fractal time and absolute relativity



Purpose of this text

Understanding universal antigravity, the universe’s missing mass, decrypt the fundamental forces, marry Einstein's relativity and quantum mechanics, explain the UFO phenomena, review our equations, change our worldview in a bridge between the material world and the spiritual world, describe parapsychology, grasp the nature of dreams and explain the phenomenon homeopathy; all that, just by changing our conception of space, time and the interaction of these two instances. We will find a new model, profoundly changing our understanding of the universe. This concept is called: Absolute Relativity (to differentiate it from Einstein's the restricted relativity) we shall name A.R. in the following texts.



Science since Einstein (a century already!) stagnates. The science is still, by analogy with the middle ages, being considered that the earth is flat and that the sun turns around it. Observe the cosmos is to understand how it works and understand the life that developed there. It is time to seriously reconsider our equations. Newton's time is over. What say the official science? Space is 3 dimensions (length, width and height), the time is constant and linear in addition to the three dimensions of space to build a fourth dimension; false, completely false. Time is also multidimensional and fractal. A fractal is a reproduction of a form at scales smaller or larger. Geometric fractals (spatial) are numerous in nature. They are found in flakes, minerals, plants or living things. The fractal dimension is non-Euclidean. Fractals values are between 1 and 2 if you draw a curve or between 2 and 3 if we think in volume. Fractal time is that the conventional physical time for the Euclidean dimension. Space, say the scientists, consists of few matter: the constituents of the atom and a lot of empty (like the universe). It is compressible; but what about time? Time is also made up of particles (which we call chronons in analogy with quantum science for the matter). This is the parameter density. Like space, it is compressible. It is undulatory, have a frequency and so as speed. The passage of time can be translated in terms of information flow. More density time contains more information. His sense determines the future or the past according to the present, which is a virtual point on the axis of movement. Past - future is an abstract concept that is meaningful in a fractal time by setting a point in movement. The interaction of time in space is as follows: more time and less space there and vice versa. The density of time is inversely proportional to the square of the matter density. This is essential and is the key to understand all phenomena that have so far reported unexplained: the paranormal and mystical phenomena, human sciences (including homeopathy), and astronomy with all the range of phenomena that finds it and tries to explain through theories that are contradicted by other the next day. It will also explain the findings made about the phenomenon: UFO. Our vision of fiction made intergalactic vessels is greatly again. We cannot explain UFOs and the paranormal with our present means of investigation, nor even with the interpretation that we have of the universe around us. Truth is given to those who seek and make the effort to question. The parallel universe are nothing more than a scroll of different time thus constituting another fractal time.

Thus were laid on the theoretical foundations for a new vision of space-time. But let us now see in more details the implications arising in practice. For the rest of the text we adopt the word "S-T" to "space-time".


Take a first application example of these principles on dreams

Our physical body is the first floor of our building called "conscience." In the waking state, in our daily lives, we are busy with the physical S-T. Physical time is then time to evolve our priority in our matter world. At the end of the day, we go to bed and give a well-deserved rest in the physical body. It will then remain stationary, but not the time. The first hours of sleep are an opportunity to change floors. Suddenly, we landed in a dream. There, everything goes very fast to the extent of this paradoxical phase. The consciousness of the sleeper is located two floors above. For one who is in the physical world, it just simply says that this phase lasted only a second or two watching the clock EEG. But for the dreamer, it’s happens a lot of things, for the equivalent of several hours. All this, is because the second floor (the astral body) has a matter density lower than the physical body, which implies that the density of time will be much greater. The difference between the time spent in the astral world and time recorded by the EEG is the same proportion of matter density between the two bodies. This brought a new level of density in the reintegration of body awareness, so as to change the density level of lived time (which corresponds to the course of the EEG). In this transposition of density of time, much information will be sadly lost or even replaced. The psychic flash corresponds to the same phenomenon: it is only a fraction of a second on our time scale, but is an element that can represent several hours of information. Paranormal phenomena is a manifestation of temporal incursions of higher densities . In other words, parapsychological phenomena are enclaves of an S-T in another. This is why these phenomena are so quick, and incomprehensible from our point of view. Density of time corresponds to more information but also to a light effect; where the light tunnel note in the near death experience and the fact that the higher worlds are made of light but also information (Anal Akashic).

For lower reign (such as mineral density where time is low), our earthly life is only a furtive movement. Psychic perceptions depend on the ability of individuals to achieve fractal time. For the UFO phenomenon, the simple change of density of time can shorten distances without limit. UFO phenomenon is a paranormal technically mastered; a parapsychological phenomenon is demonstrated with paranormal psychic. The ghost or poltergeist phenomenon also finds its explanation in the light of this concept. The individual is diverse in design and holds several S-T at the same time. Tradition speaks for a long time that different bodies are us; many bodies, many prisms of spatial-temporal (or fractal). The asymmetry of time elapsing just the way we look on S-T (matter world) from another S-T (spiritual world). The more the creature had degrees of freedom, the less stress he have (including the law of karma).


Time and its many facets

The instrument such as atomic clock, only serves to embody what the intellect has not deducted, but induced at apriori. This is true only in S-T where it is located. In contrast, the psychological time is the result of a perception that has everything to be considered subjective, but is direct information, without any intermediary. Einstein said "for us, convinced physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if it is tough." The fundamental difference between past and future is the ability to choose. Thus, it is easier to identify what resembles past and future in the state of this capacity. The past is therefore only the territory of choices already made; the future of those that do; while the ultimate present (past and future combined) is the contemplation, lack of purpose, the source where the choice is irrelevant because everything is already decided (in mystical enlightenment). The esoteric can travel in these fractals to see, among other, events relating to the past or the probable future. The flowing of time submits and allows phenomena or not they occur. That is to say the opposite of the current thought by manipulating time and space phenomena were subject to them. The density of the time is not linear but discontinuous, therefore fractal. In electronic low frequency filter with negative transfer group, we find that the signal arrives before transmission. This phenomenon is explained by the effects of changing fractal. The time has physical quantity so as to energy. The chronons are like the Yin, ie potential energy. It is in their reciprocating motion with the space that it manifests energy so, matter as define it in this world. The direction of this flow in all directions determines a S-T fractals gives birth itself to other harmonic fractals. This speed determines the flow time relative density compared to the density space. The witnesses of the paranormal can describe situations with time lags, larger or smaller, depending on their conscience and their perception is or not in high temporal densities. An esoteric thinking is needed. We can easily imagine that our life is like a brief moment when it is converted into a high-density time after death. In the next life, we do retain a memory diffuse errors and progress. This is perhaps the reason why we do not remember lives in the past that are only available in high densities (through hypnosis or meditation). The images of these lives are packed in our daily lives (physical flow time) to the point that they become secondary. This compilation of moments mocks circumstances but is the general framework of evolving soul. Reincarnation is understood as similar to a cyclical movement of progress moving towards the development of intuitive self-awareness. Let us take consciousness mechanisms.


A simple view of point problem from a determined S-T

In the case of electron spin, the value of the spin of a particle is correlative to its fractal boundary between quantum mechanics and metaphysics. All non-integer spin (fermions case) contribute to change fractal time. This is not the case of nucleons but electrons or quarks, for example. In the experiment of the two complementary particles, where the fact of changing the spin of the one is reflected instantaneously on the other, it is simply the same particle… But that it is conceivable by integrating the concept of fractal time in the interpretation that we do with the experience. The bilocation phenomena are the same principle; a simple problem of view point from a determined S-T. More space, less time and more division occurs (harmonic concept) bringing with it new properties. Cell division share the same principle of change of space-time: the more a cell reproduces, the more it takes up space, to gradually change S-T and developed a new system (body) appears in a new density time out with what went before. The complexity comes not from the number of elements of a system, but their ability to generate together information, that is to say, to unite into a single structured and homogeneous whole. This is the definition of negentropy. This is also the meaning of life. Nature creates unique individuals by structuring their being on planes progressively more subtle as they involved themselves in this structure. This is the definition of evolution.


Market theories

In the bush models, whatever the discipline studied, it is difficult to make sense of things. Indeed, whether reasons of formality, which cling so many scientists, personal interpretations of small groups of scholars adheres to it, or simply for reasons of different designs or proposals, theories abound. In reality, there are theories in theories. One example is the Big Bang, speculation if it is, is significant. Only for the first one, second of a supposed explosion of the universe (it’s in fact an expansion of space), it is no less than a hundred versions of the inflation which is one of the possibilities to describe the beginnings of the Big Bang itself is a mere supposition! Quantum mechanics is in the same boat. Not to mention string theory which not less than five, quantum theory is divided into no fewer than nine of thought that cross curious notions as materialism, idealism, the non-local hidden variables, the space, time and the oneness of the universe. Who has not his theory?

A.R. is not opposed to experiments in physics but their interpretation. If most of the calculations using the Minkowski space-time are validated, just near approximations, it is because overall fractal space is juxtaposed with the fractal time giving the illusion of linearity of the equations with the use of integral functions. However, if the transition from one level to another is not done at the same time for space and time, significant differences are observed. This is the case: gravity at very large and very small scale, the residual gluon interaction (standard color charge of quarks) for the strong interaction, the residual electromagnetic interaction linking two atoms together with depends on all the events of life, of all UFO and paranormal phenomena.

The particles have a particle or wave behavior, but not both. What are particles? Quantum entities? We are no further ahead. For A.R., an atom is a fractal S-T unit. As strange as it may seem, an atom is an indivisible entity. It is not made of matter but time embedded in space in fixed proportions; nothing more than space and time. However, the way that space and time are arranged will determine its characteristics.


Quantum mechanics

Max Planck resolved the enigma found about the light frequencies not complying with the laws established by saying that light consists of small "packets" (quanta) light frequencies. The vibrations that reflect the heat of a corps are not distributed according to all possible values but follows a particular law. Given the formula that relates the energy E and the frequency f: E = h • f where h is Planck's constant, such as E / F is always an integer multiple of h. So, Planck opened the era of discontinuity. This is why, contrary to popular misconception, quantum physics is the study of the very small, but that of "wave packets." Each atom can emit electromagnetic radiation in the form of quanta. When an atom is excited, it changes the quantum level, then immediately returns to its original state by emitting light. The color of the light depends on the considered atom. Thus, we can determine the spectrum of an atom by studying the type of light it emits when it is excited. The frequency of this light is the energy gap between ground state and excited state divided by h: (E1-E0) / h. This requires a lot of energy to emit a quantum in the high frequencies. It is for this reason that particle accelerators require more and more energy to produce particles that are not in a natural state in our spatial and temporal scales.

One of the main principles of quantum mechanics is the Heisenberg uncertainty which prohibits both the position and velocity of a particle. It should be understood that the Heisenberg uncertainty in quantum mechanics simply defines that we cannot know t (time) if one does not define x (position), or that we cannot know x (position ) if we do not define t (time). It is as if the two questions were asked at the same time while the response of one depends on the response of the other. But to define t (time) or x (position) influences the response. The inherent speed of propagation is itself an uncertainty because the meter will influence. C (speed of light) actually depends on a number of iterations following the doubling theory of Jean-Pierre Garnier-Mallet. It follows that the concept of trajectory is meaningless in quantum mechanics. Similarly, it is impossible to construct a device that determines the position of a particle without disturbing it. In fact, the underlying principle is the wave-particle duality but nobody explains this duality. In fact, quantum mechanics talking about probability amplitude and is placed as the new principle the existence of chance. The dilemma of quantum mechanics in the state is assumed that object, instrument and observers are closely related. Probabilistic functions are adequate formalism for the use made of it but does not explain anything. They list opportunities with a variable chance they occur. It will take that science explains how probabilities are causal. In other words, science explains the nature of things by a law that does not exist: the hazard. But what is science without law? Pseudoscience! The key problem is to explain the nature of the hazard and its "density", that is to say it takes place in the occurrence of phenomena. This is where the A.R. explains it: hazard is fundamentally a problem of spatial- temporal scale; it is the translation of the place of time in phenomenology. In the microscopic world, time is paramount. In contrast, in the macroscopic world, space is determinant. Causality is conditional because it depends on the amount of time in a given volume of space. The more density of time is, the lesser there is causality because more events occur at the same time. A quantum state is therefore not a particle but a superposition of possible situations.

One of the principles of quantum mechanics is this: the shorter the life of a particle has the bigger the energy is. Similarly, the short distances are synonymous with high energies. The next question is: what is the disintegration of which come from these transformations to more stability? Response A.R.: it is the transfer of a temporal fractal information to another temporal lower density.


The restrictive relativity and energy

The restrictive relativity tells us that space and time are relative but the S-T is absolute. The more an object approaches the speed of light, the more its size decreases and time expands, this situation is seen from an observer at rest. The energy (manifested and defined as the science) is a time-scale gap. It is similar to fractal time and can replace the concept of mass in quantum mechanics. To be more precise, the mass is described by the space occupied by the particle. It varies only by chronons that space contains. The mass is not what it appears to be as determined, we deduce from Einstein's equation E = mc ². In the experimental reality of the infinitely small we always measure energy. We see that the mass of the particles does not inherently exist because it is partially equivalent to the expression of temporal fractal values. This equation must be questioned; E is not equal to mc². It is itself relative to the S-T in which it is located. Thus, the energy of the corresponding fractal at high temporal density remained potential for a given lower fractal, without deployment in it. The quantum energy is mainly related to the duration of the phenomena, and not to the mass of particles. Note that the mass is also considered as the gravitational potential. But gravity is a curvature of the S-T that directly affects the velocity time flow. Electrostatic potential and gravitational potential both have the same disease: a divergence of the gauge field. General relativity describes gravity as a curvature of the S-T. It is only geometry. But we can’t describe geometrically the nature of time, even if it is trying to do for our materialistic minds constantly seek to know where things is whereas we should find out when the facts exist. It takes a much more powerful mind to enter in the non-geometry rather than geometry, which is spatial definition, accessible to our trivial sense. This superiority of the intelligence of time may not be recognized immediately as it comes from a perception that excludes the use of eyes to see the world. In A.R., in contrast to general relativity in which the application of the force is from the perspective of an S-T determined, it shifts both S-T-source (the one that pushes the wagon) and S-T transceiver energy (the wagon). It is therefore a translation of spatio-temporal differential. In terms of doubling theory, it simply moves successive horizons from Ω0 to Ω6.

The law of conservation of energy is in fact a law of diminishing (or selection) of energy. Note that the speed of light, for A.R., is the limit of exchange of space by time obtained by movement. This is just one of the modes of transfer of space quanta to time quanta. Nevertheless, it is the same principle of A.R., the transfer of space-time (or vice versa) is mainly due to "local" exchanges made between fractal space-time. The trick is simple: grains spaces are transformed into grains times and vice versa. This loss of space grains is the process of dematerialization. The intrinsic meaning of power has never really been understood because it has many expressions in the scale of objects to which it applies mechanical energy, biological, chemical, electromagnetic quantum vacuum, etc. This meaning is the time! To understand this requires more than effort, it takes a feat of our mind as it is to abandon centuries of errors: the physical time of our shows does not exist. It is a pale copy of the deep sense of time with psychological time describes the essence. Einstein says that simultaneity is illusory, particularly through the paradox of the barn. This shows that a pole longer resting a barn, can, launched horizontally at high speed, be included in the barn which can then close the door and out at the same time. This is true whether one belongs to the repository of the barn, while this is not the case in one of the pole. In other words, an event can belong to the present, past and future in the repository in which it is located. The discrepancy between this (the trivial sense) and past or future (that is to say far in one direction or the other) will be more important than the temporal density is high.



We has, until now, though completely upside about UFOs. They do not try to exceed this C (speed of light) speed but, on the contrary, to reduce, from our point of view, to a minimum! But physicists know that this is perfectly possible since the most recent experiment has helped slow the C (speed of light) speed at 1.5 m / s! To do this, the system travel (ship + occupants) "down" in the infinitely small, or, more exactly, to use a characteristic time, its fractal nature, which mimics the conditions described by quantum mechanics. It's not the ship that travels but the space that varies; the stars come closer. This is possible due to the variation of fractal time. This explains the tremendous acceleration observed is an illusion due to a differential temporal density, but also an illusory decrease in size, giving us a little more like they are far away.



What is a thought-form? This is information or an information structure (just like a molecule), with the energy that its creator could spend. This energy is often emotional origin but other forms of energy exist. Thought Forms by immaterial nature, are creations of construction in the original universe or creatures. They are more or less crystallized in the cosmos, to the material density, depending on the energy and precision maintained over time, devoted to their development. But all creation is reality itself, whatever its form, material or not. To understand this mechanism, we must strive to understand and personally exert ourselves to the manufacture of thought forms. When our consciousness is freed up with space in the meditation exercises, it opens on a wider density of time and thus information. Most of our psychic experiences, such as our dreams are filled with stimuli of life. They are the seat of our evil desires and expressed our deepest fears. Thus, we face our own thought-forms as those of others. Being pragmatic is not materialistic but able to experiment and to provide the means. The mystic is the most pragmatic of all.

Dematerialization is equivalent to a folded fan that keeps the shape memory as the range extends when it is unfolded, that is to say materialized. The forms are kept in high densities as temporal fractal shapes are whatever the scale. This is the meaning of a holographic universe. A form is structure with compress information without loss of information like the computer data. We must of course distinguish form and purpose which the materialist were confused about. The theory of decoherence goes beyond the idea of superposition of states. It said that the matter is immaterial in a configuration such that it represents a coherent system electromagnetic sense, that is to say that matter is not material as long as there is no reduction of the wave packet (no macroscopic interaction). This theory explains that we can materialize or dematerialize objects.



We did not get, at best, only 50,000 atoms of antimatter for a few microseconds in a magnetic field of a high power (ie contactless matter / antimatter). Antimatter seems to be the signature of a fractal space-time boundary. Antimatter does not exist in itself, yet it is produced every day. The pseudo-encounter between matter and antimatter demonstrates the enormous power of superior temporal fractals. If the world line of an object (the concept of relativity) is exceeded we get a greater than the speed of light. If an electron crosses the line universe becomes a positron, that is to say an anti-electron. All the antimatter seems to be a sign of causality is the opposite of ours. Antimatter can be considered as non-causality of the physical world and not symmetry of causality resulting in a reverse causality. Antimatter is not the opposite of matter but is a "non-material". Antimatter appears as the mirror image of our time so it is a flow compensation of cyclical and circular events. Cyclical time wants, after having traveled a period, a phenomenon returns exactly to its starting point. This contradicts the irreversible passage of time since the effect cannot precede the cause in linear time. It was also demonstrated the existence of a violation of causality by a slight symmetry breaking T for neutral Kaons. This break is a sign of the existence of this slight discrepancy between the unwrapping time and time upgrading (linear time on the cyclic time compensation). If antimatter is a compensation between cyclical time and linear time, this mean that it goes beyond certain energy or, more accurately, it is similar to the signature of a higher density time, provided that such compensation is a finer level than the frequency of the particle in question. Note that photons have no antiparticle, and for good reason: the material comes from antimatter by density difference of time, that is to say the "not material." This "non-material" is a time sequence occurring in a time flow much higher than that of matter and energy generating fractal variation: the upper temporal density emerges in the lower density. It must be manifested by a massive release of energy effects. The world line boundary, coupled with the speed of light, becomes a fractal boundary, that is to say, a relationship between the time and space within the meaning of their granularity. If quantum physicists include antiparticles in the scattering matrix that is precisely because the stability of the material (fractal temporal flow determined) requires these "antiparticles" back, not in a sense of direction in our time, but in a flow greater than that of the atomic time scale, that is to say in a physical world acausal which one can make a flow time (time quantum superposition) emerge. The "non-material" is located in a different time scale fractal (time greater density) of the material. There is no symmetry but fractal temporal variation of fine level to another that is not. To be clearer, antimatter is a catch, compensation of entropy after a temporal flow. Therefore causality is variable. How then biochemists, neurologists, physiologists and psychiatrists can see a causal continuity between certain phenomena, both internal and external physical point of view, and the perception that we have?


The missing mass of the universe, the red shift and the theory of the Big Bang

Astrophysicists admit that in the expansion of the universe, a loss of energy as the frequency is changed by the expansion of space. This reduces the number of cycles per unit of conventional time. So there is no hearsay to shatter this conservation law. On the other hand, the kinetic energy of a particle is given by: E = ½ • m • v ² where m is the mass and v is the velocity. In the standard cosmological model, we get a conservation of mass and a corresponding loss of energy as the particle moves away in the space expands. Conversely, we can admit, that in the infinitely small, an increase of power without a corresponding increase in mass "playing" on the frequency, we will be able to penetrate the nature of time lying in the denominator. Assuming that the time unit does not reflect the reality of the passage of time, but underestimated in the context of a fractal time, then we get the largest energy scale of the wave, not perceptible our scale, that is to say that our "second" unit. This is actually an underestimation in the infinitely small and the infinitely large overestimation.

The red shift is an electromagnetic Doppler effect that shifts the frequency of the white light of the stars to the red spectrum simply because of the relative motion of distance between the star and Earth. The apparent measured frequency is lower than the actual frequency. Scientists do not know the number and distribution of black holes, and believed essential factors of gravity. The estimate of the homogeneity and isotropy is in the observable universe and not the entire universe. Moreover, there is not enough observable matter to account for the expansion of the universe. Probably because the universe expands simply not! There is as yet no objective reason to believe that the 70% of missing mass is uniformly distributed since no one knows where they are. The discovery of dark matter itself would have questioned the model of the Big Bang. But to save this theory, cosmologists cling to a hypothetical exotic matter which has never been observed to avoid explaining that, otherwise, a huge amount of deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen) should be produced the early universe, which goes against the model itself. The observation of distant supernovae suggests that the universe is expanding rapidly because they were less brighter than the standard model expected. Now that the universe is expanding rapidly there must appoint a new so-called dark energy that has never been seen outside of speculation proponents of the Big Bang model energy. This decrease in brightness could simply be explained by galactic dust produced by the condensation of iron in the form of needles discarded by previous generations of supernovae as proposed by Jayant V. Narlikar, Indian astrophysicist phenomenon that laboratory experiments confirm. He also stated that the Big Bang does not explain why a differential red shift between two galaxies physically connected by a filament, whose probability whether it is a coincidence due to backgrounds is wisely extremely low. However, the red shift is a pillar of the dominant model. One could easily imagine that the space is not homogeneous or isotropic, considering its fractal nature. In doing so, the greater the distance between a star and us, the less time elapses. In other words, the frequency is directly related to the fractal and discrete time, the distance itself is a source of red shift without using the Doppler effect. The age of the universe is determined by a continuous series of estimations through that of the Hubble constant, which has steadily declined to allow the body to get older in the age predicted, estimated today as 13.5 billion years. But the universe do really have an age? Under the A.R., the answer is no, and the universe is stationary. Each galaxy or star system has its own clock.

The missing mass of the universe (even when assessed at 70% or more!) corresponds to the mass it would take to keep the galaxies in their apparent stability (balance of centrifugal force and gravity). The theories do not fail to maintain our current view of the universe: dark mass, mass shadow mirror universe invisible, dark energy, repulsive... In fact, we lack nothing! The time varies as the inverse of the space (near to fractals), plus it is great and less the time weighs. Gravity is a force. A force is the product of mass time acceleration. Acceleration is distance divided by time squared. If we decrease the denominator (time) while increasing the numerator (space), we get a large number quickly. If we multiply this number by another (the mass) and that it decreases less rapidly than the denominator (the heavy mass decreases as the space increases in A.R.), the result will be large enough to create a discrepancy between fractals. Here's our missing mass! We greatly underestimated the gravity at large scales! Gravity increases even (relatively) with distance. This is exactly consistent with observations. Indeed, the factor missing mass for a galaxy is 3 to 5 compared to the estimated existing mass. But it is 10 and more for a cluster of galaxies! This means as well that fractal space (scale systems) are associated with fractal time. In other words, the variation of the fractal flow time determines the gravitational potential.

A galaxy is a spinning disc itself. But the most important mass (known material density) of the galaxy is agglomerated near its center. Under the momentum of rotation, which is at the center rotates much faster than the periphery. Curiously, the circular curve orbitations measured a galaxy, from the center to the periphery, shows very similar speeds between the axis and the crown! The observations of the circular orbiting galaxy speed thus show a peripheral speed too high! Almost as much as the center. External stars are overspeed. Nobody explains this phenomenon. With A.R., the universe becomes simple and logical. A galaxy is a quasi-homogeneous fractal set in which the passage of time is relatively stable. However, given the gradual removal of stars from the center, they are forced to travel a greater distance in the same time fractal. Therefore, they go much faster than our earthly laws showed.


And homeopathy in all this

The atom is a single entity with a power of adaptation variable to its environment. The electrons, which seem separated from the core, are the spatio-temporal expression of nucleons forming the core. To understand our mistake, we must start from the origin of an atom before any interaction. The flexibility comes from the variable amount of electron shells to share (or release) the valence electrons. Atoms keep the memory of their lack and can thus be assembled with others to create molecules by completing the incomplete electron shells, seeking at all costs to recompose. The atom therefore has a memory in A.R. Memory water of the French Jacques Benveniste is therefore based on a reality, an essential characteristic of the atom. But there are atoms that have more memory than others. Generally, the more electronic layers are complete without outside help (together with other atoms) more memory will endure over time because the original signal will remain intact, without mixture and dispersion. In other words, the less an atom has known interactions the more it will be able to keep the memory (the software) useful for dematerialisation. With regards to water, the memory of the hydrogen bond is still low, keeping a particular form of memorial integrity. Any homeopathy relies precisely on this atomic characteristic.Refute of this therapeutic method (homepathy) for medical lobby, is to deny the existence of quantum computers whose principle application is to remember information just minimizing interactions. In addition, homeopathy has largely demonstrated its effectiveness. Homeopathy, which aims to reduce the space, allows a higher temporal density that is to say, more energy and more information from the memory of atoms. Homeopathy is therefore a reality in the light of the A.R. by the application of its rules.


Thanks :

A big thank you to people such as Jean-Pierre Garnier-Mallet (doubling theory), the work of Russians Nakozyrev and Albert Veiniket Vadim Chernobrov (3D time) that was copy and developed by the highly controversial UFO Eric Julien . These texts, more philosophical than scientific was adapted and developed in parts in trying to minimize the scientific jargon, have no pretensions but summarize the outline of the scope of this theory which has yet to be taken up and developed as its field of application is extensive. We should see any affirmations but only suggestions. This text is to circulate information that radically change our way of perceiving and understanding the world around us and because its scope also applies to homeopathy by finding a plausible explanation.