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Acupuncture software:


This software is dedicated to the acupunctors or overall to the energeticians. With an original and opened design, it makes ipossible to connect all kinds of elements between themselves. You can add, modify and classify them without any limit. For example, you can decide that a point (or a whole of points in case of association) has a relationship to a symptom or a function (which is also a definite element). For each one of them, you will be able to define a method (tonification, sedation, …), and you can also determine any other relation of element (channel with a season, a schedule, drugs, …). One can easily add, modify or remove the lists (which contains the elements), elements, types of relations and methods. There is no limitation of structure as it is in the case of other software.

Much better than a book, as complete as it may be, the use of the data base, thus created allows a research of the relations of one or several elements. This search can be done on 5 levels. If an element A is connected to B, and that B is connected to C, then on 2 levels one can see a relation of A towards C. This ramification can be filtered on each level. A system of criterions of selection, filters of display and tools for analyzes complete your possibilities of search. The texts contained in these elements are automatically indexed in a lexicon for a fast access to information and search. For each searched word, the software displays in real time the elements which comprise the whole of these words. With this software, the search for information becomes a child’s play. Even with very good knowledge, nobody can praise to know everything. The data-processing tool remains by far the fastest mean and the most flexible for the information search.

You can also illustrate a relation with joined documents. These documents can be images, text, sounds and videos. Software includes a word processing, a multi-media reader, a dictaphone and maps of the acupuncture points. From a word, you can find elements (symptoms, functions, …) and visualize the whole of the relations which it maintains with the other elements. You can even automatically change a word in the whole of the texts so that it corresponds to your vocabulary. It integrates tools of safeguard but also of export and importation to make it possible to enrich your data with that by a colleague or within the framework of the update of the base accessible on Internet site from the company.

Software includes the synthesis of several works and courses received by the author on the subject. But it is free for you to modify or add your own knowledge or of the books which are used to you as reference or even your courses.

On a very practical approach, this software uses contextual menus according to the elements on which the cursor of the mouse is positioned for a maximum ergonomy and visibility. Short keys are designed to optimize the data acquisition without being obliged to use the mouse. It functions under Windows (2000, XP or Vista) and does not require large hardware configuration. As of the moment, it is available only in French version. To download the demonstration version accessible by the heading “Support”, please initially register on our Internet site.

This software is different from the traditional concept but offers a lot of possibilities. It is very simple on the level of its concepts as on the level of its use. With a minimum of practice, you will be able to understand very easily and it will quickly become an essential tool in your consultations.

To download the demonstration version accessible by the heading “Support”, please register first on our Website.


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