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Study on the transport of water in cell membranes

The 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to the American scientist Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon for their decisive contribution to the cell membrane channels. Bengt Norden, chairman of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry, told the press conference that Agre won the award for his discovery of waterways in cell membranes and Roderick MacKinnon for structural and mechanical studies of ion channels. Their findings clarified how salts (ions) and water are transported out and into the body's cells. For example: how kidneys recover water from primary urine and how electrical signals in our nerve cells are generated and spread. This is very important for our study of many diseases, such as the kidneys, the heart, the muscles and the nervous system. Normally, the Nobel Prize should be awarded to the main scientist whose achievement will be tested for several decades, but Agre was only 54 years old and Mackinnon, 47 years old. Their realization was very recent. The discovery of Mackinnon is 5 years old and the work of Agre has just ended in 1988. According to the Swedish Press, this is very rare in the history of the Nobel Prize for Science. The Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Physiology and Medicine this year illustrate the trend of interdisciplinary research in contemporary science.

One hundred years ago, researchers suspected that the body's cells had to contain specific particles for the transport of water. However, it was not until 1988 that Peter Agre succeeded in isolating a membrane protein. Then he realized that it had to be the mode of water transport. The Selection Committee stated that this is a breakthrough that opened the door to a range of biochemical, physiological and genetic channel studies in bacteria, plants and mammals.

The other type of important membrane channel is the ion channel for the function of the nervous or muscular system. It can also generate the electrical signal to transmit the message into the nervous system. Roderick MacKinnon was able to convince the entire research community when, in 1998, he was able to determine the spatial structure of a potassium channel. The selection committee said, because of its contribution, we can now "see" the ions flowing through the channels that can be opened and closed by different cellular signals.


How is the channel formed?

In all cells, the biochemical process uses ion propagation. In the process of metabolism, all organs generate biological electricity such as the cardiac system or brain waves that, through the nervous system, transmits these electrical influences to activate the muscular system. The cardiac potential is of the order of 90mV and 60mV for brain. According to the Chinese energetics, these bioelectric flows use transmission systems via the meridians, the wonderful vessels, the internal branches and other secondary connecting vessels to interconnect the systems. During the disease and even preceding the disease, the bio-current is disordered and the associated resistance value changes. A state of energy disruption is a notion of sub-health that leads to a state of illness. This change influences cell activities and their metabolism.


The characteristics of the canal

  1. The cells of each organ have their own bioelectricity and form a perceptible magnetic field that radiates around the human body.
  2. The channel that constitutes the conduction is fragile. An invasive exploration of these channels via strong current causes the closing of this conduction. The search for a non-invasive test is therefore important to prove the existence of the channel.
  3. The canal tissue has a different chemical structure because its metal ion content is very high.
  4. Current is formed when the accumulation of the electronic charge changes to a certain extent the chemical structure of the channel and the electronic charge enters the fabric of the modified channel. Then the resistance of the channel will become weaker to change the chemical structure of the next canal tissue. Finally, the slow and fluctuating electric movement appears. It will become slow or stop in the case of diseases and under-health. It will become fast with an increase in heart rate into an excitement status.
  5. The channel impulse is superimposed on the microscopic tissue of the other tissues. In the blood, it is superimposed on the arteriole and the venule. In nervous tissue, it is superimposed with the nerve bundle and ganglion etc. It is a fabric that can adjust the other fabric. Because of this, it is very important that this fabric works very well.


Good health from detoxification

Our lifestyle and our diet generate a lot of toxins in our body. This results in premature cell aging, poor skin quality, incomplete assimilation of ingested foods, excessive fatigue, pain, intolerance, allergies, rheumatism, arthritis and acidification of the skin. organism that leads to various, sometimes serious, diseases such as cancer among others. According to Russian studies, the majority of diseases are due to an accumulation of toxins in the body. The proposed device, born from German technology, uses the scientific concept of the ion channel. It energizes the body's water to penetrate deep into all the cells of our organs by cleaning them from our waste, toxins and unhealthy cells accumulated in the body. It consists of 3 features:

  1. An infrared belt
  2. A massage system via an electric current to restore the connection of the channels and relieve local pain
  3. The SPA part to create an ionic circulation which will cause all the toxins towards the emunctories

The FIR belt (low frequency infrared) activates and restores functionality in the body. Indeed, the latest studies have shown that bamboo charcoal made from 5-year-old bamboo from remote mountains and refined by high temperature has a great effect in purifying water. Bamboo charcoal also emits infrared rays, negative ions and absorbs electromagnetic waves. It warms the body, sore muscles, increases activity and accelerates blood circulation. The infrared rays used with bamboo charcoal worn in belts help to:

  • Decrease joint stiffness
  • Relieve muscle pain
  • Increase blood flow
  • Relieving pain
  • Repair injuries to the soft tissues
  • Increase the extensibility of collagen tissue
  • Help solve problems infiltrated inflammatory and reduce edema.


The proposed device is equipped with FIR technology to increase the benefit of the ionic part of the device. The belt is placed at the waist using the large strap or limb using the small strap, depending on the location of the pains. It can be used on the stomach to melt fats or in the back that often reflects the rest of the body and accumulates fatigue and toxins. Its gentle energy penetrates up to 9 cm under the skin. Its action makes it possible to treat or relieve pathologies such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle pain and spasms
  • Joint stiffness
  • Raynaud's syndrome
  • Facilitates weight loss
  • Allows regrowth of hair
  • Improves the immune system and overall health
  • Rejuvenated tissues


The massage consists in cleaning the channels between essentially muscular receptor systems by pulse emission. These pulses are adjustable in intensity on the device. Different points of the body may be affected depending on the pain felt. The points involved are mostly located on the back, neck, belly and limbs. The points work in pairs. As regards the feet, sandals are provided in the kit to make the contact that is via a hole in the sole at the back. By cons, the use of sandals can not be done simultaneously with the ion system of the SPA. Other contacts are provided by reusable self-adhesive conductive patches. The main locations to use are indicated in the user manual to download on this site. This feature of the device rectifies local pains that reflect energy slowdowns whose toxins are mainly the cause. Its use is like the FIR belt. But massage is mostly used at the beginning to unclog the channels which results in an energy boost after use. This feature then facilitates the use of the ionic part giving it more efficiency.

The ionic function make it possible to:

  • Improve microcirculation
  • Increase the transport of oxygen in the blood
  • Improve the function of white blood cells and therefore the immune response
  • Remove foreign pathogens such as heavy metals and waste cells
  • Remove toxins accumulated lymph flow moved by the ion flux
  • Activate blood circulation
  • Activate the hydrogenation and the oxygenation of the body by micro hydrolysis of water effect
  • Regenerate cells and has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Acid-alkaline balance of the body system
  • Thus accelerate the repair and healing process
  • Increase metabolism between blood and tissues
  • Stimulate the hypothalamus, which controls the production of neurotransmitters involved in biological processes such as sleep, mood, pain sensations and blood pressure

Toxins diminish the immune system, anile neuromuscular synapse connections. The toxin accumulation means:

  • Being blink to catch colds, tired, dizzy and have endocrine disorders
  • Having heart palpitations, night sweats, insomnia, memory loss, dizziness members
  • Increases allergies falsely stimulating the immune system and reducing its work on real pathogen attacks.
  • Influence enzyme system and freeing hard elastases creating wrinkles
  • Cast capillaries and thus makes it more fragile can cause rupture of blood vessels and heart disease
  • Influences blood pressure, blood sugar, fat storage


Some elements visible under a microscope after 2 detoxification sessions:

scanner NLS The viscosity of the blood decreases
scanner NLS Free radicals are repaired
scanner NLS Decrease in the number of endothelial cells in blood vessels
scanner NLS Kidney deficient cells are repaired
scanner NLS the deficient cells of the Liver are repaired


We carry on average about 1 kg of toxins lodged in the intestines, liver, kidneys ... but also transported by the blood and lymph. Everyone has toxins to varying degrees. Provenances are: food, air pollution, electromagnetism ... In the same way that we wash our teeth and body, this device should be used regularly. Its consumer price allows individual use so that everyone has access to its benefits. Its use is very simple

  1. Put the bracelet allowing the referential contact,
  2. You can simultaneously use the other features of the device such as FIR or massage during the SPA session which lasts 30 minutes by default
  3. Put the 2 feet in a basin of water in which the coil of the electrode is immersed.
  4. Gradually adjust the salinity of the water to obtain an amperage between 1.5 to 2.5 amperes maximum to avoid the safety of the device which results in beeps.


After half an hour there is a change in the color of the water.

  • Green Yellow indicates a detoxification kidney, bladder and reproductive organs
  • Orange: the joints and cartilages
  • Brown: waste cells
  • Black: liver
  • Dark green: gallbladder
  • Creamy white: the lymphatic system
  • White with yellowish particles: generally due to yeast
  • Black speckled: heavy metals
  • Red speckled: waste and blood stones


These colors are approximations but the color of the bath is generally a mixture of these colors. It is true that the color is due in large part to the galvanic effect on the coil of the bath that is made of stainless steel (mixture of iron and chromium). We thus find these elements in the bath and it contributes greatly to its rust brown colorization but this dominant color changes depending of the people. It is because of this phenomenon that we must change the coil electrode bath every arround 50 sessions. You should know that regardless of the metal used, we would have this phenomenon of electrolysis but that does not remove the beneficial aspect of this process despite critics who are based on this natural phenomenon to condemn without even trying nor consider thousands of testimonials of beneficial aspect on people with this kind of device.

After a session, it may be normal to feel tired and need to take fortifiers and vitamins that will be better accepted by the body. Counter indications include pregnant women, children under 5, very weak people and those with pacemakers or heart problems. Frequency of use :

  • For children under 50, the frequency of use is 1 day out of 2.
  • For those over 50, the frequency of use will be 1 day out of 3.
  • A treatment includes about 14 sessions that can be renewed after 3 weeks as needed.
  • For a concept of maintenance, the frequency of use is one session every 2 to 3 weeks. Once a month being the minimum often insufficient according to the way of life.


The device complies with CE medical standards, the insulation of which with the mains is 3000 Volt (UL 60601 standard guaranteeing the electrical insulation against the risks of electrocution and the non-dangerousness related to its use). It is guaranteed 1 year. 5 program levels can be selected from the control panel of the device, but in most cases mode 1 will be used. The session lasts 30 minutes by default but can be modified by the control panel.



After purchase, you will find the user manual in the Support / Download section of the website.


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