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Software management consultations


This software functions under Windows and requires 100 Mo of free disk space for the installation. The languages available for the installation are: French and English. It makes it possible to record information concerning your patients in the form of files: informations of the the patients such as there address, their symptoms, number of visits and therapies that were applied are recorded. These files are contained in a database and are displayed in the form of a table. It is also possible to illustrate your therapy as drawing in the cards. An agenda allows making appointments for your patients.

The advantage of a computer follow-up of the patients lies in the fact that all information can be sorted / filtered on one or more words (or parts of words). A search can be done on all the headings of the file. This information can then be visualized, modified or be printed. The address can be printed on label format for the correspondence. A module of import/export allows a footbridge with other software.

The use of the software is easy. The orders are intuitive with an aid for each one of them. The table can be sorted or filtered and incorporates tools of search for information.

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