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The concept of nidus in E.A.V.


A nidus is the deposit of a toxin on the tissue, which can be of viral, bacterial, vaccine origin…

Normally, this toxin must be eliminated by the immunocompetent cells. If there is one “encystement” of this toxin in the cells and the natural elimination doesn’t occur, we obtain a nidus.

One can also say that the disturbing nidus are body pathological zones which induce remote effects by modification of the electromagnetic information flow. The difficulty lies in the fact that the patient does not complain about these obstructions. The body is permanently trying to get rid of these nidus where from useless energy exhaustion.

A nidus is translated, in E.A.V., by a drop of the measure at the points of the organs. The presence of a nidus is very seldom verifiable biologically since this nidus is generally due to the presence of a toxin or a germ in small quantity and in theory not circulating in the biological environments from which one will carry out the dosages. Nidus can be frequently located at:

  • digestive: represent the majority of the consultants,
  • dental: granulomes, osteitis, scars,
  • sinusitus,
  • chronic cystitis,
  • vesicular,
  • etc...

The electro-acupuncture of VOLL is of a great help for the doctors and the dental surgeons. It allows the description of the dental nidus and gives for each nidus:

  • its nature,
  • its localization,
  • the organs which it disturbs,
  • or the organ which is at the origin of the dental problem.

This determination is based on the precise measure of the reactivity of the points corresponding to the teeth and the target organs. The nidus thus determined often escape the clinical radiological and examination. They are however important for the patient’s heath, because of disturbance of their energetic system.

To reduce the nidus, one will be able to use a low homeopathic dilution (3 to 10 D) of toxin composing the nidus that will be able to be checked by the re-establishment of the normal measure.