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LLLT 650nm LF3 Watch Type


Laser froid LF3

Cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in middle-aged and elderly men. When coronary heart disease or stroke or stroke occurs, most of the time, the consequence is death or disability..

For hundreds of years, the search for a safe and effective solution against cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases has become the main medical activity without success. A new window has been opened since the application of laser medicine in the face of cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases for the last 30 years.

The research on the semiconductor laser therapy apparatus that has been adopted is a red laser at 650 nm in wavelength. The irradiation of a laser at 650 nm allows penetration into the human body without any damage and the energy of the laser can be absorbed by the blood during the irradiation of the three preferred positions of the radial artery using the Neiguan points of acupuncture. It destroys the Helicobacter bacteria found in most people, improves the oxygen transport capacity of erythrocytes, promotes blood circulation, but also effectively balances blood pressure, fat, viscosity and blood glucose and vascular repair.

The Low Level Laser Therapy is internationally recognized. It is a therapy without trauma, without side effects, easy to implement and non-invasive. It avoids unwanted effects such as the risk of infection and bleeding, and avoids the long-term dependence of taking medication simply by irradiating the radial artery. This type of daily care is therefore ideally suited to the care of people from both a preventive and curative point of view.

Hyperviscosity is usually the direct cause of atherosclerosis. It can also lead to cerebral infarction, myocardial obstruction, diabetes and a range of serious illnesses.

Semiconductor laser therapeutic device adopts low-intensity laser to irradiate blood.

  • Low permeability polysaccharide lipoproteins and many other medium molecular substances are adsorbed around erythrocytes, increasing the flexibility and permeability of the membrane.
  • It avoids the aggregation of red blood cells, thus improving blood viscosity, the ability to transport erythrocytes, oxygen and various enzymes. 
  • Eliminates oxygen free radicals, preventing thrombosis and coronary spasm to reduce the occurrence of angina pectoris, myocardial infarction complications and sudden death rates. 
  • Stimulates the function of the adrenal cortex, so that glucocorticoids are increased. 
  • Reduces the synthesis of cholesterol lipoproteins in the liver. 
  • Accelerates the dissolution of triglycerides, accelerating the breakdown of lipoproteins and the reduction of blood fat.
  • Improved Viscosity and Vascular Flexibility Helps Reduce Hypertension.
Laser froid type montre LF3


The 5 aspects of laser therapy

  • The bio-heating aspect of the laser: changes the property of hemorheology and softens the blood vessels. Improves the deformability and aggregation of red blood cells and platelets as laser light enters the blood, separating red blood cells, reducing blood viscosity, increasing oxygen carrying capacity, and accelerating blood flow . It dramatically improves chest distress, difficult breathing, headaches and dizziness, improves sleep, tinnitus and lack of strength. Relief is usually obtained after 2 weeks of use.
  • The bio-electromagnetic appearance of the laser: prevents the blood from accumulating and decreases the fat in the blood. Laser light provides bioenergy, detaches the fat layer that surrounds the surface of red blood cells, restores the negative charge, strengthens the repulsive force between red blood cells, melts superfluous fat in the blood, accelerates radical cleansing free, decreases and clears fats and cholesterol in the vessels, restores the flexibility of the vessels and thus avoids the risk of atherosclerosis. The lipoprotein density decreases measurably after 20-30 days of use, as well as a significant decrease (or disappearance) of dizziness, headache, chest pain, palpitations, numbness of the limbs and arrhythmias as well as a restoration some sleep.
  • The bio - nervous aspect of the laser (use of the nasal laser mainly): the circulation by nervous stimulation dissolves the thrombus. The stimulation of the laser light acts on the sympathetic and parasympathetic plexus of the nasal cavity. It indirectly improves circulation of the blood in the cranial cavity and the whole body, accelerates blood flow, prevents thrombosis and improves the blood supply to the brain. Thrombosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, arthrosclerosis, vertigo, tinnitus, lack of strength and drowsiness disappear in most cases or are reduced. Memory and hearing improves measurably after 20 to 30 days of use.
  • The bio-stimulating aspect of the laser: adjusts the blood sugar and improves the islet of the pancreas. Laser light rapidly activates the enzyme associated with metabolism, accelerates the repair and regeneration of the nervous system and pancreatic islet cells by restoring activity, adjusts insulin secretion and progressively corrects glycogen metabolism. Efficacy can be highlighted against diabetes (type 1 and 2), refractory insomnia, arrhythmia, neurasthenia, neurological disorders, endocrine dyscrasias, chronic renal decline, senile dementia and heart disease. respiratory system after 30 days of use.
  • The bio-photochemical aspect of the laser: activates the immune cells. Laser light directly affects lymphocytes, leucocytes and macrophages in the blood, improves the energy of immune cells, stimulates the body's capacity for stress, immunity and resistance. Elderly people who suffer from many multi-systemic diseases, get rid of side effects after using 30 minutes that can be repeated up to 3 times a day. Maintain long-term irradiation, prevents the risk of hypertension, hyperlipemia, hyperviscosity, hyperglycemia, atherosclerosis, stroke, cerebral infarction, and related ischemic heart and brain vascular diseases.



Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperviscosity, diabetes, stroke, rhinitis and some other serious cardiovascular and cerebral ischemic diseases.

The different lasers delivered with the device still allow to increase the possibilities. The connection is made on the wrist device via a jack.


Internal lasers for the radial artery

Laser froid type montre LF3

Laser froid type montre LF3

Attributed to the meridian of the pericardium in Chinese medicine, the lasers are located on the radial artery. Checked by numerous experiments and clinical trials, the Nei-guan acupuncture point has the following regulating function for the heart:

  1. Bidirectional adjustment for abnormal sinus rhythm (too fast or too slow).
  2. Increases blood flow to the coronary artery in acute myocardial ischemia.
  3. Improves myocardial contractility and cardiac function.

The choice of the radial artery is related to the fact that it is a superficial artery of the body, close to the heart (being external). It is easily localizable and carries a lot of blood (renewal every 8 minutes). The laser is easily absorbed by the blood through the penetration into the vascular wall of the skin and thus ensures the therapeutic efficacy.


The nasal laser

Laser nasal LF3


There are many vessels in the nasal cavity that constitute a vascular plexus in which the arterial plexus and the venous plexus. The blood flows directly from the arterioles without passing through the blood capillaries, and 60% of the blood flow of the nasal mucosa passes through the arteriovenous anastomosis. The other part of the bloodstream passes through the liver, brain and muscles. In addition, a vegetative nerve exists in the nasal cavity. It is a sympathetic nerve of the sympathetic nervous plexus next to the internal carotid artery. The laser stimulates the arteries and also the nerve in the nasal cavity and thus causes intracranial circulation and blood circulation throughout the body. The nose represents a privileged position to multiply the action done on the radial artery.

Another aspect of the nasal laser is effectively resolving allergy and rhinitis problems. It has long been demonstrated that the laser has a profound immunosuppressive effect and is capable of inhibiting cutaneous hypersensitivity reactions (and in particular in the case of allergic rhinitis). Laser light has the same effect as antihistamines but without medication or side effects. Laser phototherapy has been widely used for years for the treatment of inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis. It is also used in the case of severe atopic dermatitis. The major mechanisms of immunosuppression induced by phototherapy are related to: Apoptosis of T cells infiltrating the skin, reduction of the number and function of Langerhans cells, as well as the release of immunomodulatory cytokines such as l Interleukin 10. It has also been shown that irradiation makes it possible to inhibit the formation of urticarial papules in the tissues, even with phototherapy doses sufficiently low so as not to induce erythema. Many tests conducted double-blind, corroborated what is indicated.


The oral laser

Laser buccal LF3


The throat is lined with capillaries. Laser light is effective for angina and respiratory conditions such as tracheitis, but also for problems with the tongue, throat, vocal system or gingiva.


The auricular laser

Laser auriculaire LF3

Tinnitus, also called whistling in the ear, is annoying and makes your life difficult. You can not hear clearly, about what others say. You can not sleep well because of the noise in the ear. You can not stop it and it affects your mood. The auricular laser delivers photonic energy to damaged cells in the ear, accelerates blood flow in the ear, and repairs parts of the auditory system. It is also effective in case of otitis or to decongest the eustachian tube in case of clogged ear not due to an external plug of cerumen.



The laser is class 3R. Do not look directly at the laser beam, as it may damage the retina. Pregnant women should not use this device for the duration of their pregnancy. Similarly, people with bleeding disorders, should not use this device. There is no other significant contraindication to the use of the device.



The device is in the form of a watch that attaches to the inner part of the wrist. It is equipped with a plug allowing to connect the 3 types of lasers. It is rechargeable with the supplied USB type smartphone charger. Its lithium battery of 1600 mAh allows him a battery life of several hours (depends on connected lasers connected). Its handling is simple: it has 3 buttons: 1 for on / off, 1 for the power of the laser on 4 levels and a third for the duration. The display shows the time in minutes, the battery level and the power level. The power of the laser will be adjusted to the maximum within the framework of curative therapy and may be reduced for a preventive or interview aspect. For hypersensitive people, we will have to adapt the power and the time. Generally, we consider that a session represents 30 minutes



  • Lasers: 650 nm, 5 mW (per laser), class 3, number: 10
  • Time setting: on 4 levels from 15 to 60 minutes
  • Environment: -20°C to 40°C Humidity <85%
  • Internal battery: Lithium 1600 mAh
  • Warranty: 1 year


Supplied accessories

  • Double nasal laser,
  • Double ear Laser,
  • Oral laser equipped with 2 lasers



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