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Quantum medicine:




This kind of product is very expensive and the results are not always conclusive as appliances; especially for devices that want to do too much. Having toured many products, including those that claim to authorship of products based on these principles, the conclusion we can say is that they are all very expensive and are not always reliable ( or even for some, completely wrong). Some devices based on the commercialization of investigational products, acting only in response to a question posed by computer. The results are of course more than disappointing because the brain is not yet equipped with microprocessors ... Only the beautiful graphical interface helps to sell this type of product. This type of device like others, while not using the NLS system, ranks in the category of quantum medicine. Do not put in the term "quantum medicine", all unconventional products at the risk of great confusion. We will book here this term the Russians devices based on the NLS system (nonlinear analysis) because it is their inventors were the first to use this term because the mathematical models borrowed from quantum mechanics. Old top models suffered from bad publicity, as their reliability was not good. The latest generations of top model using algorithms, research automation allowing greater accuracy, and requires less specific training on the part of the therapist. We can really see the evolution of this type of device that has no more able to do with the first devices or than they were just 2 or 3 years ago.

What you should know is that the NLS system works on a theoretical model of health while devices based on simple impedance measurements work on the reality of the energy system. These measures are more comprehensive and can be done automatically with interpretations after calculation algorithm taking into account the person's weight to determine a set of parameters (example: AMSAT, EIS, ...) in regard of a database or manually with human interpretation as the organometer based on the Voll’s work. However, for good devices based on the principle of NLS, they bring trends especially in pathology prevention (nest concept). What is confusing is that the entropy calculations seek consistency in a noisy signal. The calculation system refines the model but start on unknown basis initially. We can therefore quite confusing difference found on an initial analysis before the algorithms are refined. The observed differences are relatively small but can be explained by the principle that is used. Place this unit is therefore complementary to other devices such as those based on the impedance measurement and closeness with the patient lived for cross-checking. It does not necessarily have to polarize to a value that may be false because the repeatability is not always what you at first sight due to mathematical models used and not affirmative scaring your patient. Interpretation of the results is not as obvious as it sounds because you have to check all the parameters before making a correct orientation well as the latest models, software automation allow no longer be a "specialist in quantum". This type of device is absolutely no substitute for specialist medical analysis but can help the orientation of examinations to be performed. In all cases, it is not worth the exorbitant price of these types of devices currently sold on the market.

Meta-therapy (as the Mora-therapy) consists of inverting the signal obtained and reinjected in phase opposition to restore the correct value. On an organ with active disease, this type of therapy, if it works, will be more likely to run on the ultrastructure. The advantage is that we are generally seen significant results immediately even if remission of the disease occurs in the coming weeks. Otherwise, we must to look for products in the etalon list or external product or so with other forms of therapy. Regarding preventives therapies unfortunately we cannot judge the effectiveness. In the case of disease proved, the results are higher than what could be attributed to the self-healing, which clearly show an action but we must not hesitate to make several passes in one sitting to have results especially when it acts on the body and not the ultrastructure. The rapprochement with the signing of item or product contained in the database is based on theoretical mathematical models with devices worked on NLS. This approach is interesting but remains theoretical and is not comparable to a biofeedback test on the person with a good signal as in the case of MF2. These devices can be complementary to an organometer to trim the test products but does not replace the functionality of a device such as the MF2 for the test and for the impregnation.



Our products based on this principle:

  • The mini-quantum: It is cheap and works on the principle of an electric sensor with software based on the principle of quantum medicine but using only one ideal mathematical model, resulting in a fairly good repeatability. This product is not comparable to the product as the NLSA. This is a somewhat separate product that complements the results of other products such as E.A.V. including NLSA. The results are general but relatively fair. It allows you to see trends and provides advice (nutrition or lifestyle). To have checked several times, the elements put in default by the camera are often verified by chemical analysis; which reinforces the idea that this is relatively reliable. The product offers only the analysis part and not the treatment part. It remains basic and easy to use. The results are in the form of texts (in French), and numerical values, so it is very easy to understand.
  • The NLSA is located on top of the advanced technology. It was conducted in collaboration between our company, a Taiwan company for the electronic device (which also manufactures for other well-known brands), a Russian company developing this type of software, adapting to each brand and maintains collaboration with an independent research institute, the database, and finally a Chinese company for packaging. This latest generation product with a processor consists of 4 cores for quick and efficient analysis. It is faster than the products currently found on the market, which allows a detailed study and make wider treatment with meta-therapy. Product testing via the resonance chamber of NLSA is not bad (compared to those of its competitors) but do not take advantage of our own research company on the sensor part and impregnation. The NLSA can be used in parallel with the MF2 to enjoy the products of the database inside the homeopathy software. The signal is then be looped by the homeopathic software and the USB module is directly connected to NLSA replacing the resonant chamber. We find in this product all what is offered on high-end devices Russian. Manufacturing is very neat. Researching on internet, we can realize that the well-known brands for such products and sold exclusively in Europe have similar prices to our products in the countries of the East or Asia, but was then found on the European market with a multiplying factor of 5. So do not believe in buying this type of device in a known brand in Europe, the quality of results will be better especially as the electronic are almost all made in Taiwan. To be compare with the high range, the results are comparable with the speed in plus.



Conclusion :


Quantum Medicine is the analogy of quantum mechanics in science. This science is hard to admit to scientists because it has not this notion of reproducibility expensive conventional science because the result depends on the observer. These devices are not conventional. The mini quantum from an ideal model therefore simpler but less complete and universal. It therefore merely a scientific advantage because it's not really a quantum concept is used but Inherited model. The NLS products, regardless of brand, do not address the notion of analysis as a result of a reproducible test. This is more the domain of mathematical probability that the result of physical and chemical reactivity or statistics. People who use this equipment must be aware of this in order to take maximum advantage rather than being disappointed by a reproducibility which does not always seem to present at first instance without looking deeper. The starting point is an unknown system, are only algorithms to search for matches. From the first measurements on target when creating a profile, the software is changing the model to derive a convincing approach that will tend to evolve into a reliable analysis. To make an analogy, the electromagnetic noise generated by the cells is constantly changing and can be likened to energy. The energy determines the shape of a physical system. Algorithms that are borrowed from quantum mechanics allow you to retrieve a form from an object such as an energy system. This form is then compared to templates. This type of device is more interested in the genesis of the organ (DNA, cells, tissues...) and its communication elements that the organ itself because it’s where it proves most efficient by the principle employed.

Medicine is not an exact science because it is a human science. Even laboratory analysis cannot detect elements (protocol used, poor sampling, poor preparation, sampling time not respecting natural settings, ...) or would cost too expensive (genome sequencing). No official same analysis is 100% reliable, especially as the differences of protocols used lead to income differences. The medicine is based mainly on statistics. The problem is that one can say many things to statistics ... For a diagnosis, we can use our intuition and especially the overlap of symptoms information. No device is completely reliable. It is the intersection of several information allowing a proper diagnosis. On the other side, the more NLS device is good at the technical level and the software will be more efficient and provide reliable information. But the mathematical model used will never achieve a perfect repeatability on a first measure. This device should be considered as a diagnostic aid but not as a device that holds the truth. It is therefore relatively easy for people seeking to demonstrate that this type of device is a scam could. But it is also relatively easy to an expert who wants to show that this device gives real results can do so by studying all aspects and not just one single element, which takes into account all the information provided by the software. In any case, its use is unconventional and does not take this into account, it's going to disappointment. Only the correct use that will ensure that the results are reliable. Common sense therapist helping to deduce what is probative of what is not.

Although this science is promising, we cannot afford to say that this device allows a diagnosis equivalent to all assembled devices that are found in hospitals and laboratory that represent huge sums that have yet it hard to get a reliable result. In most official devices, even if the computer is there to help, human interpretation is still required to modulate the results. The NLS system is no exception to this rule of human interpretation. Although these devices claim to scratch at the door of those of official medicine, they are far from competing. It remains true that some peripheral hospitals of eastern countries, for lack of means, use it. By cons, its principle can see things that are not interested in medicine and see in preparation disease while medicine deals only with proven diseases. Another aspect disputed by official science is the notion of memory. An infectious disease (or vaccines) often leaves traces which result in energy disturbances which may cause more or less significant symptoms. This device can unseal them (by checking the rapprochement with the person's history) and correct it. Meta-therapy then proves effective in this area. It also allows a probability of concordance with proven organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi) and chemical constituents that are difficult and expensive to laboratories to demonstrate and propose remedies with fairly good efficiency. It therefore finds its place among therapists as long as you use it and do not overestimate considering it as a multipurpose laboratory instrument.



We let you discover these two products in the documentation.