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The "Organotest MF series" is a tool for diagnosis. You can be a doctor, homeopath, osteopath, acupunctor, naturopathist, psychologist , dentist, sophrologist, kinesist, as well as many others; you can use manual techniques or products (food, drugs, stones,…) and whatever mode of therapy, this equipment will be of an invaluable help in your work. It makes it possible to specify, confirm and objectify your diagnosis as well as your therapy to better present it to your patients. It allows to highlight elements which are unnoticeable without the assistance of this equipment and to switch your patient towards a specialist when your specificity does not allow to solve the problem. You, thus bring the response to your patient's pathology.

In its ohmmeter function, these devices measures not only the quantity of energy of the points but especially its quality. The catch in hand of the devices is easy as well as the precise localization of the point: when the stylus is well positioned, the signal is optimum.

A "pathological" point has a tendency to "close" and does not hold on to the request which results in a rather fast fall of measure. This aspect indicates the quality of energy and translates the presence of a disturbing nidus. This type of measure is most important. Except the high range equipment, the other traditional ohmmeters do not reflect this type of measure. The quantity of energy is secondary because it depends on the nature of the patient’s skin. To freed some, our devices are equipped with a sensitivity button for better appreciating the quality aspect of energy. To avoid looking at the display permanently, the equipment emits a sound signal whose frequency is proportional to the measure.

Maps of points used in EAV (i.e.: VOLL’s electro-acupuncture), borrowed mainly from the acupuncture maps, which does not only allows to test the organs but also the biological systems. That makes it possible to obtain an energy balance and to locate the disturbing nidus precisely.

The correction can be done in different ways: acupuncture, handling, drugs or others. The test of the drugs: homeopathy, flowers of Bach, Elixir, food, ... allows to find the good product adapted to the person. An adapted drug will result in the holding of the point i.e. its value is "standardized" and especially it does not present any fall of measure. The drug is tested in the hand of the patient for MF1 case or in the receiving well in the MF2 case.

Connection with a computer makes it possible to extend the possibilities of the devices. Indeed, a data base containing several thousands of drugs allows to find the adapted drug like its dilution (in the case of homeopathy) with the equipments. The homeopathy software includes a KENT’s repertory for a search by key word or by heading. On several symptoms, you can determine the common denominator for a unicist approach of homeopathy. You can enrich the data base with the MF2 by digitizing the electromagnetic signal emitted by elements introduced into the receiving well. In the same way, one can magnetize a neutral mother substance introduced into the second well of the MF2 with information coming from data base or from the product placed in the receiving well.


But the devices allow to still make other things :

  • They allow to detect the dental problems i.e. the presence of granulomas and tension in mouth related to the problem metals mixture or ageing amalgams source of energical disorder. The test in voltage and in electric current allows to justifiy a dental intervention.
  • They also allows to visualize the change of emotional state. This change can operate to the resonance of sentence which the therapeutist pronounces. The device guides us and allows to detect problems hidden up to the unconscious of the patient. The passage at the verbal stage under the light of the problem conscientisation allows to remove the emotional load contained by the patient.
  • Another way of using this operating mode consists in placing the emotional sensor on the end point of the meridian in difficulty. While moving your finger along the meridian lines, you will pass then to the top of a liberator point. The device will then show a strong variation: proof that this point is that on which the therapeutist must work.
  • In the same way, you will be able to test in a series of whole list of products to see the reactivity on the patient’s body that avoids appealing to the points during the time of the test. In the end, you will be able to confirm by the measurement of points which presented falls, that the product really corresponds to the patient.


The devices can be sold alone for an autonomous working or coupled with the software via computer.